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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The next summer blockbuster

Movie idea:

The President of the United States is murdered by a serial killer at a fourth of July celebration. One by one, members of his Cabinet and Congress (according to the order of presidential succession) fall victim to the same killer: from Vice President, Speaker of the House, Secretary of Defense, and so on. All the while, the killer taunts the detective (and his rookie partner) with phone calls and letters to newspapers. This continues all summer long.

Finally, when the last successor is killed, the killings suddenly stop. The detective closes the case and retires.

Who was the killer? We never find out. And that's the frustrating part about living in a bureaucratic morass like America.


Blogger neill said...

I would make the ending a bit different-- have the White House and Congress controlled by different parties, and when the Senate tries to hold hearings to figure out who the killer is, the White House (this part is tricky if the entire line of succession is dead) complains that they're "playing politics" and refuses to cooperate.

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