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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oh the hyperbole!

Some choice quotes from Bill Walton, starting about 5:00 2nd quarter, Mavs vs. Spurs. I'm not bagging on him--he just gives some great snippets:

BW: "I'm concerned about the inexplicable de-volution of Manu Ginobili."

Other announcer: "De-volution?"

BW: "That guy is one of the best players in the whole world and he's only got 4 points so far.


BW: Stackhouse is acting like he's the greatest player in the whole world; every shot he takes he acts like it's going down, and he's right!


BW: I'm perplexed though by Manu Ginobili; he's not a role player. He's capable of being a big player on the greatest of teams.


BW: (on Tony Parker) What patience; what deliberation; what talent!


BW: A turnover; carelessness for Dallas!


BW: I concur that Jawan is doing a much better job in this half, he's playing hard, saying: "I'm coming at you Timmy."


BW: They might want to tell the Dallas Mavericks that Manu Ginobili is left-handed and will continue to be so throughout the day.


BW: The old knee to the stationary defender--always an effective ploy.


Blogger steve said...

Love that second to last one.

2:05 PM


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