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Sunday, May 07, 2006


I had a thought this evening. Not that interesting of one, but, hey. I was watching the Bravo presentation of Gangs of New York, which is a decent film but especially a good period piece.

It occured to me that the US psyche/media really only focuses popular culture historical pieces on the last 50 years or so (WWII being about the limit). Ok, so all you readers out there know that there are millions of books outside this period, but that's really not what I'm talking about here. Compare that to French, British and other films/TV and the like that are frequently set in vastly differing periods of their own history--we seem to have cut off the entire part of US history that preceeds WWII in our mainstream cultural presentations. Even what should be fertile ground for heavy pro-Americanism, the revolutionary war, is generally not tread too often (The Patriot?). I wonder why... While I understand that the Spanish-American war or our ass kicking in the war of 1812 are not really absorbing pop culture, there were plenty of cultural things going on at the time and the like.

Actually, nevermind. This whole post is retarded. I just remembered the fetishism associated with the Old West and gold rush in pop culture. The real question is do I go ahead with this totally inaccurate post and hit publish post?


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