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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jackass 2

Well worth seeing. I'd recommend it.

It occured to me, watching this movie, that I don't really get into the freak show and pain part of it. Though I'm occasionally amused by that element, it's not my favorite part. The thing about Jackass is that Johnny Knoxville is just a very funny man--the other guys less so but especially Knoxville. The skits are painful but also usually _funny_.

As a contrast, there is my undying hatred of the horrible, horrible show Dirty Sanchez. If you haven't seen it, it's a bunch of Welsh guys beating the shit out of themselves and getting overwhelmingly drunk--like the European knockoff of Jackass. The problem is that they missed the point and it isn't funny at all, just constantly knucklebitingly painful. Horrible show. And Jackass would be the same thing if it wasn't actually genuinely slapstick. Some of the members of Jackass have a genuine talent for absurd slapstick that I find very funny.

And anytime you have a long steady shot of a tiny dollhouse bathroom and then some dude's shit starts dropping into it you've got me at hello.


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Or, "herro."

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