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Friday, September 22, 2006


We have re-entered the 21st century. In fact, we've catapulted into it. We're getting the NFL Sunday ticket and all the goodies like HBO and whatnot for at least the first 4 months. It is going to be so sweet. We got a DVR too, which should be useful.

The three things I couldn't stand about having the antenna were
a) We only got 3 channels, maybe 4. CBS, ABC, FOX, and WB. The reception was really bad on those that we got.
b) The local news broadcasts were just killing me. Reggie O'Key was the bane of my existence. And do I really care about Houston traffic? If I did, wouldn't I be on the road anyway?
c) Network TV is god-awful. I tried to watch Gray's Anatomy but I couldn't take the schmaltz. Even the Office doesn't really do it for me. I loved the UK version but the US episodes I've seen just don't tickle my fancy. Sigh.

Anyway, go BEARS! 12 noon Sunday, baby. Vikings, be damned.
And no more Houston Texans games to have to sit through. Thank the sweet lord.


Blogger steve said...

I can't believe you got Sunday ticket. That's sweet.

4:42 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

Yeah dude when are you coming to visit?

8:36 AM

Blogger steve said...

Thanksgiving doesn't work out well... spring break maybe?

10:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy rocks. You are fool.

8:58 PM


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