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Monday, September 25, 2006

So... how 'bout them Bears?

This might be revisionist, but I really feel like when we were kids, they'd take you to the waning seconds of close games after your local match ended. And yet, after the Packers outlasted the Lions yesterday afternoon, I got to watch Terry, Howie, Jimmie and New Black Guy Who's Not James Brown, But Is Husky So Maybe No One Will Notice rather than Grossman's TD and the Vikings' last-gasp drive in the final minute.

There used to be hysterics over whether or not pro sports would move to a pay-per-view format, and how that would kill the sport by turning off the youth, etc. Guess what--between blackout rules, Thursday night games on the "NFL Network" later in the season and all the artificial demand this produces for Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, we're already there.

And speaking of sports, remember that ESPN2 is showing Man United vs. Benfica tomorrow and Chelsea vs. Sofia on Wednesday (both at 2:30 Eastern).


Blogger Jefe said...

That is a good point Neill. I can't believe that they can't show the final seconds of a game if it goes over the allotted time. And I know that EVERYONE has ESPN now, but we didn't for a while and there was nothing more disheartening than not being able to watch our God-given right of Monday Night Football. In the end, we had to pony up our buck-o-five, as it were. Also, it was strange to see Madden and Al with NBC mics last night, no? And Al, with his affected bourgoise speech, fucked up and said "E-ffect" rather than "A-ffect" last night. That's right bitch--step off.

11:50 AM


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