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Saturday, September 23, 2006


One of my favorite recreational past-times is reading the M/M personal ads section of the local craigslist. As long as you're careful not to click on anything labelled [pic], it's pretty entertaining. Econ Lady and I once discovered that a guy from my program--there are only so many gay men in my department, even if it is the People's Republic of Ann Arbor and Political Science--had tried to start a business of selling webcam footage of his dork for $2/minute.

The guy had previously sublet the apartment he shared with another colleague without telling her and started stealing her mail, but I suppose that's a different story.

Anyway, here's the point. There's a 34-year-old guy in the next town over who wants to give head. Very, very badly. He's posts about once every two days, always volunteering to host, and always flexible on scheduling. For instance,

Date: Wed Sep 20
Subj: I'm looking to suck cock tonight and/or tomorrow - 34 (A2 Ypsi)
Body: Need a great BJ? I love to give head. Sometimes more. NSA.

Now, taken on its own, this tells a story that's relatively well-adjusted by gay, craigslist standards. He was hanging out, maybe at work, and thought that hey, maybe instead of watching Law and Order reruns, I could go ahead (ha ha!) and suck some dick. And while he was interested in being accessible, he had plans on Friday night so that was right out.

Date: Fri Sep 22
Subj: I'm looking to suck cock today - 34
Body: Need a BJ? I can host. white guys under 40, please. be discreet.

"We can never judge!" -Adam Carolla


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