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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Great channel discovery, #s 1 & 2

I have discovered the "Fox Soccer Channel," #613.
On tap today:
Arsenal v. Sheffield United
Manchester United v. Reading
Aston Villa v. Charlton Athletic

& tomorrow:
Atalanta v. Lazio
Everton v. Newcastle United

It gets worse. Channel #614 is "GolTV"
Bayern Munich v. Alemannia Aachen
Livorno v. AC Milan
Stuttgart v. Eintracht Frankfurt
Real Betis v. Real Madrid
Hamburg v. Werder Breman
Columbian league--Nacional v. Bucaramanga

& tomorrow:
Inter Milan v. Chievo Verona
Energie Cottbus v. Nuremburg
Villarreal v. Real Zaragoza
Brasilian league--Internacional v. Corinthians
Columbian league--Tolima v. Millionarios
Parma v. Roma

This could get extremely ugly, folks.


Blogger steve said...

Jesus fucking christ man

10:35 AM

Blogger neill said...

Did you actually sign up for FSC/Gol? I know when I lived with people who had DirecTV that they periodically had trial weekends, but it always ended up as a cocktease.

1:26 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

I think we have a 4-month fluffer at this point, until the NFL season is over. There's some sort of promotion where you get pretty much EVERYTHING (all the premium movie channels, FSC/Gol, NFL SundayTicket, etc.) and don't pay significantly more until football season ends. I suppose enough people forget to cancel, can't be bothered to cancel, or can't live without the packaging after 4 months that it works out in the end.

9:10 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

P.S. I learned today that Henry is an absolute pimp in the Premiership.

9:11 PM


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