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Friday, August 04, 2006

The People's Champ

So I go to the Houson Press Awards ceremony last night. It was cool, although I accidently went to the Mercury Lounge (voted one of the best clubs in the U.S. by Playboy, apparently) instead of the Meridian club at first. There were some really awesome bands (The Zydeco Dots) and some really shitty ones (Lonestar Pornstar). But anyway, they had a category for Best National Rap Artist, which is basically Houston's current musical claim to fame (Chamillionaire, Scarface, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones were included), Paul Wall wins, and he saunters down the aisle in all his icily-grilled glory. He's kinda chubby, and I don't think I understood a single word he said when accepting the award (something about "Houstizzle" was about it). Still, I thought it was pretty cool that he showed up to accept it. Plenty of local artists didn't even show. ZZ Top, who won for best National Rock Act, sure as hell weren't there. It was gratuitously hosted by Hooters and the Bud cans were $2.50. Not too shabby.

That's all I got. Hope your weekends go well. It is the annual "tax-free" retail weekend here in Texas. Guess you're supposed to go get all your school supplies, so don't blame me if I end up with 2,000 pink erasers and a case of Elmer's come Sunday.


Blogger steve said...

Probably because the rappers need to keep up their Houston street cred.

4:41 PM

Blogger neill said...

Everyone knows that there's only one People's Champion-- The Roooooock!

Also: a guy in the Econ. department here has a little brother who is one half of a white Houston rap duo, Iced-Out Eskimoz. Roger Clemens has a brief cameo on their video for "If I Was a G." (http://www.icedouteskimoz.com) I guess that's not terribly relevant, but their video for "Whataburger" is hilarious...

2:00 PM

Blogger BZ said...

You have been tagged. See my site for details. You guys decided who will answer the call.

4:02 AM


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