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Friday, May 12, 2006

Does anyone else find this press exchange between Hideki Matsui and Joe Torre odd? So he breaks his wrist in a game after playing a million straight games and in typical Japanese fashion, apologizes:

"Due to this injury, I feel very sorry and, at the same time, very disappointed to have let my teammates down," Matsui said in a statement. "I will do my best to fully recover and return to the field to help my team once again."

Now, to me, the sane move here by Torre in response is to say "Hey man, don't worry about it, you busted your ass for this team and you've got nothing to apologize for." Instead, this being the Yankees institution, he accepts the apology:

"It's all about responsibility -- what he thinks his responsibility is to this team, this organization, because the Yankees committed to him and he feels it's a two-way street in that regard," Torre said. "He's done that before here, where he's made an error, he's come up and apologized to me."

That's right Joe, I'm glad you accepted his apology for his error in selflessly sacrificing his body for the team. That's very good of you.


Blogger neill said...

Well, as we all know, Asians are Collectivist, so he was probably just trying to make him feel more comfortable.

Seriously though, I love the quote from Torre on A-Rod, where he's like "Yeah, it's a little unfortunate that he hits all his homers in games that have already been decided."

2:05 PM


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