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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Familiar to Millions

Nick (Cincinnati): Ken--What are your thoughts on Cedric Benson more than likely eclipsing the 100 yard mark against Jacksonville today? Any longetivity with the Bengals?

SCOUTS INC.'S KEN MOLL: Nick,Benson has talent and the change of scenery (Chicago to Cincy) may really do him some good- I believe they (Bengals front office) really like him.

Rob (UK): Would the Cowboys be better off starting Bollinger instead of Johnson?

SCOUTS INC.'S KEN MOLL: Rob, Tough call but I would think Johnson as he has tons of experiemce and a solid running game to support his efforts. If the Defense can play well the BOYS have an outside chance in this match up-

Neill (Ann Arbor): Ken, did you see any of Benson's appearances for the Bears?

SCOUTS INC.'S KEN MOLL: Neil, Yes and I know what your saying but He does have talent and may have grown up some over the past few years. Yes he looked very average often but the Bears front offcie would have never let Thomas Jones leave if they didn't (at the time) believe Benson was the answer-

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