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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Le primer

Well this here be the first of hopefully a series of utterly grand postings. Hooray. It was quite nice today in fair New Haven: about 60 F, with fairly clear skies.

I have actually been in the library most of the day, working on a presentation for class tomorrow. I think it should be fine, though I can't discern exactly what it is that the prof. wants (can one ever?) I think in the end it will be more of a methodological talk, all about the Indian experience in apartheid era South Africa. See, I interviewed the liquor shop owner who is just next door and who, now after one year, I happen to know quite well. Pretty interesting stuff--the curtailing of freedoms, movement, economic opportunity. But what I will present will be more about how this account--this narrative--dovetails nicely with other accounts of resistance, though mostly stuff about peasants that I have read. But I think, all in all, it should be pretty interesting.

I may or may not go to GYPSCY tonight, which is the grad school bar of Yale. It is actually two-for-one night there, which is good. The problem is that GYPSCY is bad. I have enough trouble being around the general student population as it is: why subject myself to further encounters with some of the most annoying people I can think of on the planet, Yale grad students???