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Monday, October 23, 2006

New movie idea

The President of the United States, an ultra-right conservative whose approval ratings have recently dipped to an all-time low due to his veto of a comprehensive education bill, receives a letter from his alma mater, a small liberal arts college in the Midwest.

Turns out, it seems, that when he completed his undergraduate degree his credits were miscalculated and he should not have been awarded the political science degree he obtained more than 40 years prior- he was one class short. His subsequent law degree is called into question, and the American public debates the issue.

Now, the most powerful man in the free world must re-enroll in college and finish the class: a tough political theory course, with the hardest professor on campus, and not coincidentally, one that once gave him a failing grade during his undergrad studies.

You can imagine the hijinks that ensue:

The President sharing a dorm room with three other students!
Topless women having a pillow fight!
Rigging up an awesome bong from an 18th century telescope given to him by Tony Blair!
Toga parties!
The President eating macaroni & cheese and Top Ramen!
Having to sell blood, clothes and CDs just to go out drinkin'!
His "diplomatic relations" with three cheerleaders!
Totally losing at Risk because of faulty intelligence!

By the end of the movie, the President learns from the students, and realizes he should be supporting the American education system instead of putting bilions of dollars into meaningless military campaigns.

At graduation, he delivers the keynote speech, and promises to be the patron of education from now on. His national approval rating skyrockets for the remaining two months of his term.


Blogger steve said...

hahaha, I'm really liking this idea.

4:28 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

I like the selling of bodily fluids. He should probably also sell off his plasma, then suffer some horrible disease from the lackthereof, but eventually use his ordeal as an effective teaching tool to help out his fellow classmates showing the dangers of plamsa loss.

11:07 AM

Blogger neill said...

No way... you can't compromise your precious bodily fluids.

11:59 AM


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