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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fearless NFL predictions week 6

Herein I offer my wholly unsolicited and inexpert predictions. We'll check the tally. I'm hoping for over .500. This week is easier than others.

Buffalo at Detroit
Not too pretty for either of these teams. Detroit's defense has allowed the most points in the NFL this season. Buffalo got absolutely crushed last week by the Bears. It's payback for the mighty J.P. Losman Buffalo 28 Detroit 24

Carolina at Baltimore
Carolina is experiencing a resurgence while Baltimore, despite its incredibly Jacked defense, is suffering from Air McNair's incompetence. I'm going to go Carolina here. Carolina 17 Baltimore 8

Cincinnati at Tampa Bay
Apparently Gradkowski is the next incarnation of some great former QB. Regardless he's a hell of a lot better than Simms had been. Cincinnati seems to be slightly disappointing this year. Their defense is not good. I'll pick the home team. Cin 21 TB 24

Houston at Dallas
No contest. Houston 20 Dallas 41

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta
This could be interesting. I was pretty high on Atlanta until their dismantling at the hands of the Saints. NYG have been really spotty as far as I can tell. Atlanta is playing at home, though the Giants have had a great run defense so far. I'll take the Falcons though. NYG 14 Altanta 27

Philadelphia at New Orleans
I'm guessing this will be a high scoring affair. Even though the Saints are playing at home and the Eagles are a battered bunch, McNabb wins this in the 4th. Philly 31 N.O. 28

Seattle at St. Louis
This may be the best game of the day. Seattle struggled vs. the Bears without Alexander. St. Louis is still questioned. Their defense, however, appears to be the real deal. I like the Rams at home. Seattle 13 STL 21

Tennessee at Washington
Who knows? Will Vince Young pick it up this quickly? Will the real Redskins show up? Well, they are at home, and the Titans' defense is abysmal. Skins pick them apart. Titans 14 Washington 28

Kansas City at Pittsburgh
Actually this should be another interesting matchup. Huard is defying the odds, Roethlisberger is playing like shit. Can Big Ben not throw 3 picks? I say yes. KC 13 Pitt 21

Miami at N.Y. Jets
Two ugly teams in funks. Harrington is the answer? I'll say the Fins take it. Miami 17 Jets 7

San Diego at San Francisco
San Diego should take this one in a rout. SD 31 SF 6

Oakland at Denver
The Raiders are absolutely, positively, awful. Denver comes off a big home win vs. Baltimore. Denver kills 'em.
Oak 3 Denver 24

Chicago at Arizona
The Monsters of the midway are back. Lovie Smith for Prez. Leinert gets eaten alive. Yadda yadda. Da Bears 143 Zona 0.
(That's right; 20 TDs, 1 FG.)


Blogger Jefe said...

7 out of 13, assuming the bears win. I think I'll keep my day job.

8:36 AM

Blogger neill said...

Factoid of the week-- Ron Jaworski's nickname in his playing days was "The Polish Rifle."

You'd also be surprised, Jefe, to know that if you aggregate all the sports picks that "experts" make, that the record is always right around .500.

9:53 AM

Blogger steve said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:45 PM

Blogger steve said...

So that means my brother is an expert, right?

12:45 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

It's funny because I do the yahoo you pick 'em and this was my worst week. Usually I'm about 10 out of 14 or around there. And I thought this week would be one of the easiest! Well, quite a few teams broke their oh-fer streaks so that had something to do with it.

4:44 PM

Blogger neill said...

I prefer to think that it means that humanity is ultimately incapable of truly understanding its environment.

6:19 PM


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