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Sunday, October 15, 2006


We went to our local Mexican place this morning for breakfast. It's called Gorditas and is so freaking good. We go often for lunch and dinner, but we had yet to experience the awesomeness of breakfast. The wife's OJ was freshly squeezed goodness. They served us chips and salsa immediately. I love their salsa. You get his and hers, at least in our case: green spicy and red tomato based, the latter served hot. I chose one of my favorite dishes, Chilaquiles, which, until recently, I never knew was primarily a breakfast offering. Anyway, it was perfect: chips crisped in a lovely redish glaze, topped with cilantro and crumbled American cheese. Around them were crema, papas, frijoles, y pollo. Ah man that was good. And to think I almost made us go to Denny's instead. I'm such a fool sometimes.

We also sat in our favorite seat: underneath a gigantic (approx. 8' x 6') black and white reproduction of Pancho fucking Villa eating at a picnic with some other Mexicanos.

P.S. Where'd that n^2 post go, Neill?


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