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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Os Cabritos da Montanha

I'd just like to share with y'all my newest music obsession. I have absolutely fallen head over heels for The Mountain Goats. Very recently I received their latest disc, The Sunset Tree, which, though much more finely produced (seemingly) than some of their predecessors, is truly an accomplishment. You can go on the internet and find enough gushings about them elsewhere, but I wanted to make sure to share one of my favorite tracks in while from their album, "This Year." I just find it quite inspiring, and ready-made for any sort of road trip you might take soon.

Also, here are two sites with plenty of live mp3 goodness and picture love to go around:
Mountain Goats dot net

3 beads of sweat records; photo page

Standard bitter love songs

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. Oh and they caused me to make my biggest music purchase in months: 3 compilation albums of earlier works (Ghana, Bitter Melon Farm, and Protein Source of the Future...Now!). It's cool though...$3 bucks shipping and $9.50 a CD from Moops music. I'm kind of liking the whole smaller online stores that are popping up. Suppose one must be careful and all that, but it's nice to get reasonable shipping rates for a change.


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