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Monday, April 24, 2006

Some people

Some people don't like it when I feed the birds. But if it's a crime to throw some Fritos to a pair of hungry Chilean flamingos (who look far from endangered to me I might add), well, I guess I'm guilty.


Some people think that the haunted house ride at the fair is scary. Not me. I love the dark tunnels turning this way and that, spooky sounds, and the strange, eerie winds that blow throughout. The last time I went on this ride, I held my date's hand ever so tightly as a corpse leapt from a grave at us, red-eyed spiders descended from the ceiling, and the screams- oh, the screams! Both from the victims of the grotesque tableaus that we were forced to witness, and from my own mouth. I was embarassed at my squeamishness and the screams mixed with howls of delight- I at once felt in great danger but also that I was somehow invinceable in the face of this terror. We must have ridden that ride 10 times that night. And I laughed and screamed every time.

Later I found out that it wasn't in a haunted house ride at all- I had somehow gotten trapped inside one of those circular blue jeans displays at JCPenney's - so you might want to ignore what I've just said.


Blogger BZ said...

Another great post. I love your sense of humor. Please post more often as you are an inspiration.

8:12 PM


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