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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Guy in my Parking Garage with a 911 Turbo is Going to be So Pissed When I Hit it With My 1992 Accord

I don't even have internet access yet at my new place, since I'm wrestling with

1. My anti-Comcast position and how it relates to the fact that a cable modem is just much, much faster (potentially) than DSL and

2. The nagging suspicion that it doesn't really matter how fast my broadband is, because I'm no longer in a position to be sitting at my computer for 3 straight hours on a Tuesday afternoon browsing for pornography.


You can look forward to these reviews, in no particular order:

A) The 2005 Kia Sorrento
B) CostCo (quick hit--your savings on alcohol will pay for the $50 membership by itself)
C) A Romanian beer named "Urso."
D) Sole occupancy of a full-size refrigerator

And if you're real lucky, you'll even hear how my latest moving experience ended up involving a sledgehammer, a car jack, and a lot of almost-not-totally-feigned prayer.

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