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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Man, not good

So if you had asked me for the past few months, "should MLS pay a mint to bring David Beckham?" I would have told you, yes, it is worth paying more than market value to bring him to MLS and bring some interest to MLS which has already developed a very solid core of competent but not spectacular American and Central American players.

Then I read this. Beckham comes to MLS for 250 million dollars.

Are you fucking kidding me? 250 million dollars for five seasons? I doubt he could have made 100-150 million dollars for 5 seasons in Europe. So we paid a ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR PREMIUM to bring him to the US? For the last few years, I've thought we needed to bring some international stars to MLS to hopefully improve creativity. I didn't think this would turn into a New York Cosmos situation (where the entire league tore itself apart by bringing in aging international stars and paying them too much). But the price of this signing could potentially tear MLS apart, almost by itself. This is a horrible move. Not at this price. We don't need him this bad. I feel like this could even be the beginning of the end of MLS. I watch it periodically; this wasn't what I wanted.

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Blogger neill said...

I thought that was a typo--guess not. The weird thing is that Beckham's never even been an interesting player to watch, even in his prime four or five years ago. At least with Pele or Chianglia, you were getting an aging star who could drum up non-soccer fan interest by dribbling around people and making highlight-reel touches. With Beckham you're just waiting for a direct kick from 30 yards out. That's not compelling television unless you already REALLY like soccer, aside from the financial insanity of the contract itself.

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