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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As the first lady files in last night to the upper balcony, and I see a ridiculously tall black man take his place next to her, I comment, "Who the fuck is that, Dikembe Mutumbo?"

Imagine my chagrin.

Seriously, Mutumbo? Dude needs to lay off the purple kool-aid.

I also recommend visiting the interactive NYT page that melds all the Prez's speeches together, and allows you to search across speeches using specific vocabulary:
Try: climate change, mass destruction, surplus, extremists, and sunni, to start.

P.S. That's Dike rejecting none other than Kendell Gill in the photo. Shweeet!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Number of times Prez said "Education" in 2004 State O' the Union: 2

Number of times he said "killers" in same speech: 5

Uh huh.


11:02 AM


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