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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quick Hits

--You know what? Welcome back, Pat Summerall. Sportscasting needs you. Call the play, offer insights when you can, and otherwise keep it understated. And yet Paul Maguire is still employed. No justice.

--I had to make my first purchase of a protective cup since an ill-fated experiment at catcher in Little League, after receiving a brutal nutmegging in my game on Friday night. I was pleased to note that my local sporting goods store of choice does not offer returns or exchanges on such products.

And a couple of quick reviews for your trouble:

GM Proving Grounds (Milford, MI): Once every decade or so GM opens up its main testing facility in an open house for employees and friends/family of employees. Econ Lady knows a girl who works there as an engineer, so I was able to go. It was interesting, but it also underlined some problems with the General. Why are there like 10 different badges? And if they're supposed to appeal to different demographics, why does Buick offer an SUV? Why do Pontiac and Saturn both sell coupes aimed at around 20k? It's incoherent. I came away with a more favorable impression of the company as a whole, but at the same time they still don't sell a car in my prospective market that doesn't look like ass (Pontiac GTO, I'm looking at you.) . I was also fairly hung-over, which wouldn't have been that bad except you had to drive around a 20 deg bank on their superoval track to get to one of the tour areas, and that's a bad combination. B

Puma V-Kat RC:
After a lot more effort than I care to go into, I finally got a hold of an expensive pair of keeper gloves. Only one use so far; on the positive side, they have a great grip and nice firm palm to them. On the other, they definitely run large and I'm left with a bit more room than I need. God help me if the finger protection ever breaks on me, because there's no way to remove them without removing stitching. B+

This Big Gay Soccer Ball:
Oh yes. This is pretty sweet. I have not doctored this picture. A+++


Blogger steve said...

You know what? I was about to post the exact same thing with regards to Pat Summerall. His game calling is so much less rushed and sort of crazed than the other people they're employing.

3:20 PM

Blogger steve said...

Also, with regards to the cars...

Did you drive any of the cadillac CTS? That could be another option for you and if you get one slightly used it'd be positively affordable.

3:27 PM

Blogger neill said...

We didn't actually get to drive the cars themselves-- they were on display like at an auto show. To get from station to station on the tour you got to drive on some of their test tracks. We got a ride from a friend of this girl to meet up with her at a different section, and the guy was actually driving a CTS I think. It had a nice enough ride, but it was still stodgy in its styling. I don't really need wood trim in my interior, you know? It's definitely much sharper looking than the GTO though, that's for damn sure.

10:56 AM

Blogger steve said...

GTO used to look (exteriorwise) a lot classier and understated but everyone hated it and wanted ridiculous hood scoops and exterior trim, which GM complied with. Ugh.

Something to be said for having a 400HP corvette engine though...

2:58 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

Where had Pat Summerall gone?

10:31 AM

Blogger neill said...

I think it was some sort of alcohol recovery, if memory serves.

1:23 PM


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