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Monday, September 11, 2006

Top 5 least desirable "Where are they nows"

5. Tonya Harding

Dayumn. What the heck happened to her eye here? Anyway, who really wants to know about some redneck skater who bashed the axel out of Kerrigan back in the day? Unfortunately, she has her own website. As, I've found out, do a few on this list, including the next one.

4. Screech

Don't get me wrong--Saved By the Bell was in turns campy and god-awful. But jeez-louise, do we really have to know about Dustin Diamond's foreclosure woes? I'm happy to know that he only has a few bricks sold in his "buy-a-brick" scheme, one of them being for the complete offensive-sounding "tardcore.com." Ugh.

3. Andy Dick


2. Bez

Sort of the dancer-cum-wandering apothecary-cum-spiritual guru of the Happy Mondays, I'm sure he was a good time but I just can't really fathom any sort of interactions with the chap now. Rumored to be on the tried and true "25 ecstacy pills-a-day" diet.

1. Natalie Holloway

(Sorry, gallows humor.)


Anonymous BZ said...

Please don't confuse Bez with BZ. I haven't taken 25 E pills a day since I was 25.

Good to have the boys back at the Lemur.....

12:37 AM

Blogger Puanbesar said...

Bez - truly incomparable in so many ways. A Mancunian legend.

11:03 PM


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