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Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh Boy.

It's like, sometimes shit happens and you know that it's never going to get solved and it's going to be a nightmare scenario trying to get it fixed. It happens with stuff with the university all the time.

Something like that just happened to me. Backing the truck up a little, at my apartment building it is written into the lease that the lessor pays for the "classic cable" bill for us. That's about 45 bucks a month or so. We pay for internet, etc. It has worked fine and been paid for. But then like 5 months ago the guy that owned our building sold it to a bigger landlord group. There have been good benefits of this--people come over and fix stuff in a reasonable time and there are generally people available to pick up the phone, etc.

But you know that there's no way that this cable bill thing has gone over smoothly and they haven't picked the bill up nor do they even know, in all likelihood, about the agreement. I just recieved my like ~90 dollar bill and I was like here we fucking go. And you also know that it'll take them ~9 months to get the problem fixed. I feel like there's going to be no other end to this than me being forced to wave my lease in front of them, threaten them at the tenant union and go through a huge pain in the ass thing with them--all the while the bill continues to charge in *my* fucking name and I have to either pay the absurd bill that inevitably comes with cable and internet.

So I guess it's time to dig and prepare for war. But I really don't want to.


Blogger neill said...

Just withhold rent if they don't have an acc eptable solution for you within a few business days of original contact. I did that like 3 or 4 times last year with our jackass management company.

9:18 AM

Anonymous BZ said...

$90 for cable? Holy shit! The Man wins everytime good luck!

12:35 AM

Blogger steve said...

Yeah, cable internet and cable service is going for 90 dollars apparently.

2:37 AM

Blogger Jefe said...

Our Dish Network alone had gone up to like $80 so that was one reason for getting rid of it.

7:36 AM


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