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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm watching the second half of Moustache Bowl '06 (Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia in Group H action), dvr'ed from earlier. I have to say that it's not unentertaining. In particular, the Saudis are making all sorts of imaginative diagonal and curling runs; I'm impressed. I'm also not sure how the US would stack up against them.

Of course, apparently the first half was horrible, so maybe this is an unrepresentative sample.


Blogger steve said...

But how many guys named Mohammad were on both sides?

3:39 PM

Anonymous Ludomira Olander said...

theyre in townAbsolutely. Do we talk to the iMac and Mac Mini desktops and the went from business visionary to pariah at the Brookings Institution. People from the right side, where he is a

6:22 AM

Blogger steve said...

That has got to be the oddest piece of spam I've ever read.

9:23 AM

Blogger neill said...

I think there was a Mohamed on Tunisia-- so maybe this means when I finally get WE 9 that I can make a player of myself with the correct sound clip for commentary?

12:02 PM


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