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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Primate typists

They say that an infinite number of monkeys randomly hitting keys at an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce the entire works of Shakespeare.

I got to thinking: Where would one get an infinite number of monkeys? Even if you rounded up every captive monkey from pet shops, zoos, and monkey suppliers, I bet you'd only end up with, like, a thousand. And let me tell you, those thousand monkeys wouldn't type shit.

I'm sure the best they could come up with would be a lighthearted article suitable for Reader's Digest, you know, something like the funny things your grandkids say or something like that. But Shakespeare? Forget it.

I say this because I tried this experiment with a pair of macaques and it did not work. I spent $8,000 on them suns a' bitches and all they did was swing in a hammock, chase one another, and scream every time the phone rang.


Blogger neill said...

Interestingly, you'd get those same results for any amount of monkeys and infinite time. Maybe you need to put on a safari hat and start looking for the Macqaue Fountain of Youth?

12:28 PM


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