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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Frontline this week

Did anybody catch this one? I thought it was fantastic. I mean, I knew that Washington had a lot of inbreeding and whatnot, but I never knew the extent of it all. And the Pentagon setting up a separate intelligence gathering unit to 'get the info that the CIA wasn't getting?' Holy shit. I also just loved the variety of interviewees they had on there. The thicker the neck, the more loyal the viewpoint. It truly is the best news show on TV right now, hands down. Thanks for the recommendation Steve.


Blogger steve said...

I tivoed it, I'll be sure to watch it. Last weeks was decent too, about the twists and turns the insurgency has made and the way that the nationalists and Islamists have had their own internal struggle for the resistance.

10:01 AM

Blogger neill said...

I should be recording this now that I have a DVR.

I have to say, though, that a couple of stories I've read in just the past few days have made me reconsider at least one of the job applications I put in recently.

11:25 AM


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