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Sunday, June 18, 2006

24 Hours Later

I'm still not ready to really talk about the US game. It might have been the most emotionally intense 2 hours of my life.


Blogger steve said...

So that's why you haven't gotten back to me.

Rachel and I went from jumping up and down in the living room shouting to sitting down in abject sadness when Beasley's goal was disallowed. The right call, but still...

I'm not sure. I think if they take care of business with Ghana (that will be a tough game--but two Ghanain strikers out w/yellows) they have a good chance of getting through because I think Italy will be playing hard to win (not to face Brazil and to ensure qualification) and on top of that the Czechs have a ton of good players hurt and w/2 yellows and we have to players I never wanted Arena to start in the first place out with yellow cards (though I still like Mastroeni, it's just that he and Reyna play the same position IMHO). Also, that was the longest run on sentence ever.

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