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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

There Is No Spoon

Saudi Arabia is offering scholarships to study abroad. Study what? Aviation. Study where? The USA.

What do you have to do to qualify? Get a B- GPA in undergrad, score at least a D in your area of speciality and a B on a general science test.

Is that it? No, that's not it. You also have to get at least an A- in memorizing the Koran.

I think I'm done with Earth. Sign me up for the Dr. Strangelove vacation plan.


Blogger steve said...

"No, not alright!"

7:20 PM

Blogger neill said...


7:22 PM

Blogger BZ said...

Isn't Saudi Arabia a major US ally? What's the problem? Just kidding. I see the obvious point you are making, but something to think about. What the hell is going on in Saudi and why is the US looking the other way?

9:13 PM

Blogger steve said...

Hey, I'm with ya. Fuck the Saudi royal family and the terrorist movement they spawned and then became directed at us.

9:21 AM


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