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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some Ghostface quotes

Here's some great Q & A from Ghostface Killah in the latest Onion A/V club

AVC: The Pretty Toney Album was credited to Ghostface, and Fishscale is credited to Ghostface Killah. What's the difference?

GK: It don't even matter. It's just names. People always get it twisted, you know, "Is this the Ghostface Killah?" Man, it's whatever-whatever, you can name me Shithead if you want. I don't give a fuck about all that. It's real, man. A name is a name, and I make music. My niggas know my voice even without the name. That's what it is.


AVC: You're one of the few rappers who have their own talking doll. How did that come about?

GK: I don't know. Some people in California just wanted to do a doll. We agreed to do it, I told them how I wanted it, with the gold on and the robes and everything, and we made a commitment and both agreed, and the action-figure doll should be coming out soon.


AVC: Do you think that's changing? Is there anyone coming along right now that you're excited about?

GK: No, fuck hip-hop. I ain't feeling that shit right now. I don't even listen to hip-hop. I just do this shit because I gotta feed my family.

AVC: What do you listen to?

GK: I listen to shit. I listen to old music, man.

AVC: Like soul music?

GK: Yeah, soul music.

AVC: Who are some of your favorite soul artists?

GK: [No answer.]


AVC: What's your writing process like?

GK: It ain't nothin', give me some good music, give me some peace of mind, somewhere it's quiet and decent, and that's it. I'm ready to write.

AVC: You just need some concentration?

GK: Yeah, and a clean place or whatever. That's it.


AVC: What was your life like before Wu-Tang Clan?

GK: I don't know. I was just like any other street nigga. I was robbing niggas, knocking niggas out, shooting niggas. That's how it was before Wu-Tang Clan. I'll do it again if I got to.

I just love picturing some nerdy white dude from the Onion interviewing Ghostface Killah, asking "Who are some of your favorite soul artists?" and Ghostface just staring him silently, thinking, "I could rip you in half right now if I wanted to."


Blogger steve said...

That's an awesome interview--"I don't even listen to hip-hop man. I'm just feeding my fucking family."

I mean, if the artists can't even pretend to like hip-hop why should I? That said, I know you love this new album of his...

11:49 AM


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