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Thursday, March 23, 2006

How fucked up would it be...

...to just buy a video game for the soundtrack???

(actually the game looks pretty sweet from those hi-tech advertisements they keep puttin' on the Tee-Vee.)


Blogger neill said...

Beats listening to the Von Bondies on infinite repeat, like I did while traveling the menu system of MVP 2005.

2:40 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

Oh God the horrible horrible memories of that retch-inducing soundtrack. I looked up the songs...here are my worst three:

3) You owe me an IOU

2) Funny Little Feeling

1) Honest Mistake

Honorable mention: The IROC-Z song.

I always did like playing the batting game where your balls shot up ramps and then hit tractors or bombed out buses beyond the fences. It was much like my childhood.

11:37 AM

Blogger steve said...

Shit, what was that one game where you hit a 630 foot shot with Sammy Sosa and I insisted on matching up with you with some really shitty home run hitter? Good times.

2:52 PM

Blogger neill said...

No, MVP was the one where I beat you 22-2 in a nine-inning game. I definitely remember that home run derby, but can't place the game offhand... maybe Triple Play, which was the much shittier precursor to MVP?

2:53 PM

Blogger steve said...

Now batting, John Jaha?

5:13 PM


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