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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ah, finally, Indie begins to eat itself

I was listening to a program this evening that runs down the most requested songs at our local commercial indie radio station. Generally it's rather solid. Increasingly, though, Indie music seems to be becoming something else; some sort of grotesque self parody.

Then they got to #1, and played one of the worst, most self indulgent, unlistenable songs I've ever heard. It was by the Fiery Furnaces and it was called "I'm in No Mood." I've heard the name before; people have suggested they're great to me. What followed was like a fucking bunch of really pretentious assholes got together and decided to make a song imitating retarded people playing children's instruments. I literally could not listen to the whole thing. It was *horrible.* I suggest you guys go out and find it to see what I'm talking about. Number one most requested, huh? Awesome. Good thing these people don't own a TV, otherwise this would never have been created.

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Blogger Jefe said...

The bottom line is that just because it's indie, it doesn't mean it's good. I would like to think that people are getting away from this notion, but there are still plenty of crap bands that people are touting left and right just because of their "indie" street-cred.

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