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Monday, December 04, 2006

Today's installment in WTF brough to you by iTunes

So I decided to put a few new songs on Rhykka's iPod. Previously, I had moved all the files in her iTunes library to our external hard drive to make space for more rips onto the Mac. I plug in the iPod and iTunes starts syncing. It syncs for a LONG time. When it's done, I look at the iPod and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MUSIC FILE ON THE iPOD has been deleted and replaced with the 10 albums or so in my current library.

This wouldn't be *such* a huge deal except that our external hard drive is no longer accessible. Apparently there was some sort of Mac-PC file-saving compatibility issue.

Which means all those countless hours of ripping our music library onto the library is for naught!

Thanks iTunes! Thanks for deleting my entire iPod's contents without even giving me a fair warning! Nothing like having software on your computer that's looking out for YOU, the user. After doing some searching, I did read on the Apple website that: "By default, iTunes automatically copies your entire music library to iPod and deletes songs on iPod that are not listed in iTunes."

God. Damn. It. Screw technology. I ain't using it no mo'.



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