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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Florida Can Eat Me

When OSU runs the hell over the Gators in the "National Championship Game," will Michigan get a consulation post-season #2 ranking?


Blogger steve said...

Here's my favorite fucking part. People blaming the computers for it.

This isn't the computers fault. IIRC, the computer rankings had them even or almost completely identical. But of course, then the fucking asshole retards have to put in the coach's ranking and AP press poll. So, in other words, a fucking popularity contest. I'm sure reporters around the country are masturbating themselves at the much lobbied for ability to decisively put the wrong team at #2. GG press and coaches poll.

While I find little real argument against a 4 team playoff format, beyond that having a computer pick is by far the best alternative. Next year we need a playoff or a 100% computer determined BCS system. *fuck* the journalists and coaches.

1:01 AM

Blogger neill said...

I read a story earlier today that described how one voter ranked Florida #1 after Urban Meyer's weeklong bitchfest. If nothing else it pretty squarely underlines the problems of retrospective voting theory. These idiots can't even remember their preferences from two weeks ago!

The best part is that Florida is really going to get killed in this game. Chris Leak against the OSU defense? Yeah, whatever. They're definitely going to lose by more than 3 points, and they won't even have to playin Columbus.

2:47 PM


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