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Monday, November 13, 2006


Some people accuse me of being gullible. The other day, my roommate Bob told me that the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.

When I looked in the dictionary, it was there. I had been tricked. Bob was chuckling into his bowl of Fruity-O's.

Enraged, I grabbed a knife and chased him around our apartment. In the fray, Bob accidentally stepped on his antique violin, crushing it beyond repair. Bob crumpled to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. It had been in his family for 200 years.

I felt bad about the whole thing, and offered to pay for the violin. Although the money could never replace the sentimental value to him and his family, he took my check for $25,000.

Six days later, the check bounced. Who's gullible now, bitch?


Blogger Jefe said...

hahaha. And damn do I love me some Fruity-O's!

8:10 AM


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