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Friday, November 10, 2006

Horrible album art

I have found some of the most ridiculous, incomprehensible works of album art and decided to share them with you. There are others that are a little more vile that I didn't want to put on here and have to see everytime I logged on the Lemur. Enjoy.

Kenny Loggins - Keep the Fire
Who doesn't need a little Jesus in their life? Nobody, that's who!

Young M.C. - Ain't Going Out Like That
No, you're right. You are, however, going out like this, which is to say, "a chump."

Swamp Dog - Surfin' in Harlem
Just utterly ridiculous.

Deep Purple - Fireball
Actually, almost every single one of Deep Purple's albums is adorned with some ridiculous incarnation of their five faces on the cover--as candles, Mt. Rushmore, in a wine goblet, or, in this case, a comet. Wow. Along with Deep Purple, Millie Jackson has quite the oeuvre, as do the Scorpions, Prince, and...

Manowar - Into Glory Ride
"Timmy, do you like movies about Gladiators?"

Part Chimp - I am Come
Then, there's just the shittiest drawings that you've ever seen. I hope this went platinum and they had to hang it on their wall.

The Bee Gees - Life in a Tin Can
Then, there's literal cut-n-paste cropping, long before Photoshop came around.

Queen - The Miracle
Something about this one, however, just gives me the creeps. It gives me vertigo. It causes erectile dysfunction. It gives me dyspepsia. It ain't right!


Blogger Guy Tarkington said...

Is that Part Chimp album cover a drawing of Trogdor the Burninator?

3:16 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

I didn't think of that, but yes, I think it is!

8:22 AM


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