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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On Voting

I can't even begin to describe the fleeting, but enveloping, temptation to fill in the straight-party bubble next to "US Taxpayers Party." Their logo appeared to be a tiny Abraham Lincoln, which may or may not be accurate since I know relatively little about Lincoln's approach to taxation. I always thought that the 13th Amendment was more relevant to US history.

Meanwhile, voting for Jennifer Granholm and Debbie Stabenow seemed oddly appropriate given the grim rain that was needling the pavement as I trudged out of the elementary school and back to my car.


Blogger Jefe said...

Don't blame me: I voted "Kinky."

4:26 PM

Blogger steve said...

I didn't vote at all. They had unbenowkst to me changed my place of voting when they somehow found out about my move. As much as I relish driving around the Urbana ghetto looking for the baptist church, it really wasn't worth it given that no race was competitive that I would be voting in AFAIK.

5:24 PM

Blogger neill said...

Heh, are you sure you didn't just get bamboozled by the Republicans' new strategy of calling people to tell them their polling place has changed to get them to drive X miles in the wrong direction?

7:03 PM


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