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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fun with camera in laptop lid

Millie & me. I am entranced.

Aw. Hug.

Boot Camp.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Macs. You will never go back. I couldn’t even imagine using a PC ever again. Good to see ya Jefe. I am not sure how many Blogs you read, but if you want a way to get them all organized go to Google Reader and do the research. It is pretty cool.

By the way Neil, nice win this week in Fantasy football.

10:48 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

I'm still not totally sold on the Macs but there are some nice things about them. I'm not a huge fan of Safari, though Mozilla seems to work well on them so it's all good. I'll look into Google Reader as well. Thanks!

7:49 AM


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