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Monday, July 10, 2006

Klingons Near Uranus

So, here's a proposition to discuss:

Last night, the Econ Lady and I watched "Six Degrees of Separation," the first-season episode of BSG where a flesh-and-blood Six appears on Galactica and accuses Baltar of treason. It's a good episode, but not great; it's certainly nowhere near the highlights of the series.

That said, it's way, way, way beyond anything on DS9, the quasi-mythical seasons 6 and 7 included.


Blogger steve said...

Well, different strokes in this case. Sometimes I appreciate the less realistic more moralistic DS9 world and you can get results that eclipse the worst BSG episodes.

I've gotta say, watching a few again, I wasn't that impressed with a relatively sizable portion of the second season of BSG.

10:34 AM


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