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Sunday, September 23, 2007

1 point to Big Ten network, 1 point bars, -1 point cable company

So I'm not sure how my worst most hated enemy, the cable company, can win this fight.

So basically the setup is that the Big Ten schools all got together and formed the big ten network channel, wherein most non-national Big Ten games (used to be on something called ESPN+ on a local channel) will not be shown, even in their home market, unless that cable company takes on the Big Ten network. The local cable network, as they are wont to do, decides to tell the Big Ten network to fuck themselves.

Which comes to today, where I sit down this afternoon and see that Illinois-whoever the fuck they're playing football game IS NOT ON ANY CHANNEL IN CHAMPAIGN-URBANA. Despite some retarded astroturfing ads that tried to shift the blame to the Big Ten network for this total clusterfuck, one can't help but think that no matter how it shakes out the cable company is fucked on this one. Who are customers of their fucking service going to be upset with when they can't get the channel? Who are they going to call today when they see their local game isn't on? Really? You think they're going to attribute blame to the Big Ten network? Guess what cable company, fuck you, they don't give a *shit* if you and the Big Ten network don't get along, because they're going to hold you accountable. As they should.

Because ultimately, someone explain to me why I get channels I don't want? Why are there packages of channels and not ala carte channels I can construct a lineup out of myself? Why am I recieving Court TV, for example? Fox News? MSNBC? Headline News? Would I rather have Fox Soccer Channel maybe? The answer to all these questions is the cable companies wanting my fucking money to which I give a hearty "fuck you." I hope they lose a shitload of customers over this debacle here in C-U and elsewhere when people realize they can watch their games on the Big Ten network on DirecTV or whatever.


Blogger neill said...

I'm most definitely screening potential addresses for my next apartment for either DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse or (preferably) Verizon FIOS access.

It takes a special sort of audacity to astroturf on the idea that "people should be able to choose what they pay for" when your *entire* business model is premised on people not being able to choose what they pay for.

5:06 PM


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