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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Field Research

Larry Craig, Republican of Idaho, claimed that what an undercover cop thought was an offer for man-on-man restroom action was merely the result of an unusually wide stance on the throne. (Copy of the original complaint).

On my way to take a dump at work this morning, I went ahead and tried that out.

The first thing I noticed is that, my pants around my ankles, I only had so far to move my feet in the first place. I could only get them maybe 6 inches further apart than shoulder-width.

If you hike your pants back up -- dangerous ground to be sure, but hey, this is science -- you do get a little more clearance. I still couldn't get my left foot anywhere close to the stall divider, though. To do that, you really do have to torque around on the toilet, and then move both feet toward the divider.

Gentlemen, I submit to you that Larry Craig is a total faggot.

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