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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A world full of stars

I must admit that even as I get older and more mature, I still get starstruck. I love celebrities, and seeing them makes me giddy.

Once, during a trip to Aspen, I met Tom Cruise at an outdoor cafe.

At first, I was nervous to be sitting next to him, but then I realized: Hey, he's just a man, same as me. He has worries, and fears, just like I do. We talked, and talked, and laughed, and shared, just person to person. He wasn't Tom Cruise, the celebrity, he was just Tom, and he told me to call him Tom, and he called me Guy, and at times, G.T. I thought: Here is a man that fame has not affected. We shared stories about how we hate cleaning the pool and dusting- we really made a connection. Later, Katie Holmes showed up with little Suri and she ate a cheese quesadilla and it was kind of like we were all family.

After I returned home from that vacation, I realized I hadn't met Tom Cruise at an outdoor cafe in Aspen. It was just a shrub. A shrub that looked a lot like Tom Cruise.


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