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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Late Night Question:

Ok, you're playing Ice Hockey on the NES... do you take?

A) 4 fat guys
B) 2 Fat guys 1 skinny guy, 1 medium guy
C) 2 Fat guys 2 skinny guys

Clearly you need at least two fat guys to take down the USSR as Poland or Sweden... but what's the real utility calculation of medium guys vs. skinny guys?


Blogger Jefe said...

I think you gots to go to the extremes on this one: 2 fat, 2 skinny. Speed AND Power. Plus, what's the medium guy really gonna do for your except maybe your taxes and buying you a case of Diet Dr. Pepper?

11:41 AM

Blogger neill said...

Of the options given, you have to go with 2 fat, 2 skinny. I think that for each of those two types, they get the biggest marginal utility from the opposite type.

I've been partial in the past to 4 skinny guys--as Bill Pidto used to remind us on the NHL2Night, "Speed kills."

3:26 PM

Blogger Jefe said...


Pretty good stuff. I love the grafix.

5:07 PM


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