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Friday, February 24, 2006

Radio feed/podcast

I am quite excited about this upcoming weekend. Not only is it Mardi Gras, but also I will be busy working on the blog to include an embedded radiocast to stream some of my favorite tracks on TVL. It looks easy; I just need to go to my personal computer to upload the songs from my library. Further, I hope to get the podcast hosting up and running. This also looks fairly simple--there are tons of little RSS/XML programs (still a little shady on what they actually mean/do) that seem like they will do the trick. Dylan edited about 6 episodes of "Peace Corps Mozambique tales" which are ready (in MP4 format and everythang) to podcast. You'll certainly know about them if you are on here.
On other fronts, I will be working on completing my memoirs from Mozambique. They are technically finished, in a sense, but I still am working on adding footnoted annotations and also including a glossary of "Mozambicanismos." Many fellow volunteers helped out quite a bit on the glossary bit--and, technically, the memoir bit as well--so it's been a nice sort of Community Content Based Initiative [trigger insider Peace Corps chortle here].
We missed out seeing Capote in Galveston (amazing that it even came here) but we were hoping to try to go into Houston to the swanky theatre to catch either Good Night and Good Luck or Match Point. Chances are, however, we will be lazy and see neither, instead settling for some sweet WPT action on Saturday and some even sweeter Cops marathon on Sunday (actually I don't really know if there is a marathon Sunday, but I do know it is the day of the Lord, and it would be only fitting to have Jesus's "lil' soldiers" on all day, reminding us of His omnipotence). We were hoping to have our neighbors over for some grilled meats this weekend, but we'll have to see if both of us are feeling up to snuff.


Blogger bowlby said...

Where can I download a copy of the podcasts stories of the Peace Corps in Mozambique? I'd love to have to a listen...

E-mail me at: matthew.bowlby@gmail.com

1:32 PM


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