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Thursday, October 23, 2008

FOX pregame

Watching FOX world series pregame. I wrote this down after seeing it.

Ford Keys to the Game:

Where is Ryan Howard?

Don't want to go to Philadelphia 0-2... no kidding

Ok. You might be able to pull a game key from the first one, albeit a shitty one since they won game 1 with Ryan Howard completely absent. Ryan Howard probably has to play well. But what is that second one? The key to the game is that they don't want to lose? What really got me is that whoever wrote it then seems to recognize that it isn't really an appropriate "Key to the Game" at all and put the "... no kidding" thing in. What the fuck has sports analysis come to?

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Blogger Omar said...

Maybe I'm off base, but I still think this says more about Fox Sports than it does about sports analysis in general. I've found Fox's coverage of the MBL and the NFL fucking abysmal the last few years. I think, by contrast, TBS's coverage of the earlier rounds of the playoffs had a bit more insight.

11:10 AM

Blogger steve said...

Maybe you're just a socialist.

11:45 AM

Blogger neill said...

Which is saying something, considering that TBS' playoff coverage relied heavily on Ron Darling.

Interestingly, the league with by far the best and most insightful analysis, the NBA, is also the only one of the major sports that Fox has never had anything to do with.

3:05 PM


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