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Thursday, October 16, 2008


The NFL is really an amazing organization. They have essentially, over time, created an environment where they can force their workers to play through potentially career threatening injuries. Now that's normal stuff from an employer--get short term results out of your workers in exchange for raping their long term career... but the twist is that they've managed to get the public and consumers of football in on it. They don't have to say anything. NFL owners can say "take as much time as you need and protect yourself and your career." Getting the consumer public to do their dirty work is a union busting work of genius, really, and reduces any threat to themselves from the union or players in the process.

This brought to you by Tony Romo potentially being convinced to play through what should be a 4 week pinky fracture. Further damage to his fractured finger, which is very possible given his position, could potentially be career threatening. Amazing.



Blogger neill said...

By comparison, it certainly restores any faith in David Stern that one may have lost during the OKC / Seattle imbroglio.

8:56 AM


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