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Friday, July 13, 2007

Moment of Zen

6:00 PM
Fair 87°F
Felt like 99°F
Dew Point 77°F
Humidity 72%
Winds from S 15mph

I've been playing a lot of tennis recently, yesterday being the 3rd day this week. And the above stats represent the meteorological readings when we started playing. It was hot as hell. One of the hotter days I've played in. But it's kind of strange: after you sweat enough to soak your shirt, which normally takes no more than 15-30 minutes, you sort of reach a stabilized temperature and the heat seemingly disappears. I mean it's still hot, but the moisture actually makes you think that it's not going all Dante's fucking Inferno around you. Your body also just soaks in the water you drink during changeovers--it feels like it is sort of absorbed through your throat when you ingest it, and never even reaches your stomach. That is one thing I like about living down here: you can play tennis all year round outdoors. As long as you can take the brutal summer meltdowns.

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