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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You know what sucks?

Network television. I broke down and bought an antenna, also known by its technical name as "rabbit ears." It's been alright so far--I watched Tiger take the British Open and have enjoyed various local coverage of Houston weather patterns. (Check out the large swath of green around Houston and Galveston right now.) But, for the love of God, can network programming be any worse? I guess I may have too small a sample size, because I know that some shows are okay by me (e.g., House, Law and Order), but last night I endured some really painful shit. Actually I do have corroboration: my wife also endured this painful shit with me. Two and a Half Men? Christ on a Cross! And whatever the next show was, something with Doogie Howser, M.D. in it, was just as bad. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the glory years of network T.V.: ALF, Punky Brewster, Doogie. Well I guess those aren't exactly glorious feats themselves. Oh well. At least the Playstation 2 consoles. The bitter steve v. jefe rivalry was ratcheted up a notch last night, with the indominatable Uruguayans besting my pesky 'Roos from Down Under. I capitalized that because that's what I call Australia, thank you very much.


Blogger Guy Tarkington said...

I experienced much the same thing last night, and I have cable! I kept going through the channels, over and over, hoping I had somehow missed something the first six times. But- it never got any better: Wife Swap, How I Met Your Mom, Two and a Half Men (which is a top-rated show, btw), the atrocities kept coming. Cable offered no respite: HBO seems to be on some Ghostbusters kick right now, I'm not into Deadwood (an excellent show by all accounts but one that doesn't do anything for me, plus they drop more F-bombs than the certain HBO family who lives in Jersey)

In the end, it came down to watching a rerun of Curb Your Enthusiam, and then, oh I don't know- talking to my family or something.

11:54 AM

Anonymous Your wife said...

I'm going to the laundry room to fold clothes the next time Two and a Half Men are on.

12:59 PM

Blogger Jefe said...

And you don't even KNOW how much folding laundry displeases her. Almost as much as it displeases me, that's how much.

It's funny too; we really only get two channels in well: CBS and PBS. PBS has some good shows on, but then there are a lot of the "Oh my God I cleaned out my attic and found this old-ass gun that's worth like $875!!!!!!!"

3:41 PM

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