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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mr. Anderson... You Disappoint Me

So, I've been asked for a phone interview with a financial consulting firm in New York. That's wonderful, except for one very important point. I sent my resume to this firm through a job search page hosted by UM's Career Center, and apparently they changed partners last week. This means that A) I don't have a login, and B) Even if I did, it's not clear that I can access my previous account info. These conditions lead to a point C), which is that I don't exactly know what position it is I've "applied for."

That said, does anyone in the peanut gallery have any advice for phone interviews writ large? I don't even answer my phone about 85% of the time, and now I have to go for 30 minutes with a HR person?


Blogger Jefe said...

Two shots of strong bourbon before you dial.

6:12 AM


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