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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Overthinking Things

Maybe its just because, with the nominations wrapped up and all, things are moving pretty slow, news-wise. But the more I think about it, this VP speculation frenzy may not mean all that much in the long run. I'm just not certain that anyone really gives a shit who the Vice Presidential nominees are. Its probably important for the first 3 weeks or so after the initial announcement, then people stop caring.

There was such a big fuss about what a great pick John Edwards was in 2004, and how he would help mobilize southern votes, but if I recall correctly, he couldn't even deliver his home state. Kerry would have been just as well off picking Dick Gephardt, someone he was personally comfortable with, instead of overthinking the whole thing. I think people don't really think about VP candidates when they are in the ballot box.

I think recent history has shown that if nominees can be elected with people like Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle on the ticket, it really doesn't matter. Political calculations shouldn't figure too much into this. Nominees should aim for a candidate who would generate a minimum of negative publicity, but also someone who is competent, relatively experienced and credible to step into the office of President at any time. Just pick someone you're personally comfortable with. Don't make too much of it. Jesus.


Blogger neill said...

To be fair, the prospects of either candidate serving out their term, whether due to cancer or assassination, are a lot lower this time around than usual.

9:02 PM


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