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Monday, January 23, 2006

Mission statement?

I should say first of all that I have recently discovered Elliott Smith's self-titled album (yes, I am that lame and judge me as you see fit, it will be well-deserved) and I would encourage anyone who hasn't listened to it to spend a few nights clacking away on your respective keyboard while listening to it. It really is good. And I apologize for not having known this before because I did have, and liked very much, either/or and Figure 8. No harm, no foul though, right?

Anyway, the important thing is that I was going to create a proper description (sub-heading) for this blog and after spending some time typing, I realized it was just too damn long. So here it is below. I hope this doesn't seem overbearing; I think it is really there more for me to validate its existence. For if this blog is simply self-promoting or redundant, it has no purpose.

So I think the following will help to give it purpose: God knows there are enough fucking blogs out there already that are either a) better-written; b) better-informed; or c) way cooler/way more entertaining. Rather than try to supplant those, this space should act as a sort of public information board like you might find in the middle of college campuses, or near the underground mailroom. Let's try to pass on useful websites, innovative music, and other random bits of information in order to serve (IMHO) the web's purpose: linking interests, both common and disparate, together. Okay, I'm stepping down from my soapbox; now it's your turn.


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